Thank you for coming to my website! If I was better at figuring out the intricacies and foibles of WordPress, I would completely redesign this home page to reflect my latest venture, which is visual storytelling. I’m currently getting my MFA in Visual Narrative at the School of Visual Arts. If you want to see some of the work I’ve produced, check out my visual stories page.

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Made By Mary is a jaunty read about the way we live now. The way we get born, and reborn, and surrogately born. The way we make fun of our foibles and fads without losing sight of what is eternal and earnest: the desire to sustain the species, to love our family no matter how it came to be, no matter how it spirals into the infuriatingly silly or the inimitably sublime. To honor the mysteries of the universe even as we are imperfect in understanding them, yet always always making efforts in that direction, hilariously, devoutly, with heart, and without cease.”
—Antonya Nelson, author of Funny Once, Nothing Right, and Bound


Fiction is a way of ordering my chaotic emotional universe. I write to understand. At the same time, I aim for solid artful narrative that others can relate to.